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bfa1 at calarts

this is my doodle blog!


old charas….


silvermender said: you’ve no decency

truly none at all……my dignity/decency is dust in the wind *strums guitar*


speed drawing of makishima the spider witch (+bonus doodle)

some zodiacs

hey everybody!

this year will be intense work-wise and health-wise for me so updates will be a lot less frequent so i can focus on my film and studies (though i assure you im still drawing lots and active on twitter)

this blog is now my sketch/doodle blog! i made a more formal art blog recently, buuuut it’s empty/experimental/a work in progress, so i’ll link it properly once im more confident in it.

thanks for sticking around, hope you’re all having a good time

orientation week

first drawing in calarts cintiq lab. im goin places

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