i tried to clean this up and mess with color but it wasnt turning out well at all so BIG SHRUG have the scribble instead 

midnight garbage

theres one more doodle but im gonna see if i can clean it up :O

finished commission of nirgali! :^D plus extra paid sketch ooooOOoo

sooo i have a society6 now? only one thing on there so far!!!! (because most of what i draw is doodle garbage oops BUT yeah)

ive never used society6 before but?? i hope it’s ok….

zeppelis said: and trauma team? :0

yesss……i loved trauma team so much……

toriknew said: heh do i see hetalia OVO


art improvement meme thing @_@

the file is huuuuge because i had to stuff so much in (from 2010-now i started drawing at least something every day, so guess how much that accumulates to) and it took me like 3 hrs to put together oops

you’ll have to right click and open in new tab to even try to read the text but even without it you can see visual improvement….

note that the 2014 year is just these past 4 months and a half since 2014, uh, actually hasn’t ended yet….also that every year had drastic improvement in the latter half so i dunno what the rest of this year holds in store for me in terms of my artwork

THIS WAS INTERESTING THOUGH….really cool to see how ive improved from sixth grade to senior year of high school lol