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bfa1 at calarts

this is my doodle blog!

some messy twitter werebear AU doodles again

happy birthday to tadokoro! well. late birthday now ;_;

i was gonna draw something special but had a lot of trouble….so sorry…..(so heres a collection of some tiny mostly-tadomaki doodles i did in my cubicle)

i want to take this moment to address something very briefly. but i feel like i need to address it at least once.

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some tinier doodles ;_; merperson AU again

i love tadomaki

merperson makishima and sailor tadokoro AU

i wish i could talk about all the ideas we came up for this AU on twitter, but it was so much…!!!

bubs n marcy

some dinky tadomaki stuff i doodled while learning tvpaint basics

answerin questions

still trying to work out an efficient way to answer stuff, sorry for the inconsistency ú___ù

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